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Genome track for DESSO binding sites


The genome track for DESSO binding sites is available at UCSC Genome Browser.


This UCSC Genome Browser track hub displays genome-wide predicted binding sites for each binding profile in the the >DESSO database. The genome browser track table schema can be found here.


hg38 was used in predictions for all DNA motifs.


Cistrome DB includes 11729 human datasets which pass all quality control. ATAC-seq datasets, histone modification datasets, and duplicate datasets from ENCODE database were filtered. To utilize limited resources, increase the effectiveness of the database, and based on the conservative motif, we included as many cell lines and transcription factors as possible, rather than introducing all datasets without distinction. Therefore, the 1677 ChIP-seq datasets were downloaded from 11729 datasets covering 547 TFs and 359 cell types. To find known motifs from motif instances, we use TOMTOM to do motif comparison with the HOCOMOCO and JASPAR database.

Data Availability

All data is freely available.

Display Conventions and Configuration

Boxes represent predicted binding sites for each of the binding profiles in DESSO.

Each profile is named with the matched transcription factor name from the HOCOMOCO Human v11 database.